Global Traders

Welcome to the Norgrow website where you will find a comprehensive collection of information relating to our company. (Please note that our website is currently undergoing a full review as part of a global rebranding exercise.)

Norgrow is a privately owned independent company trading commodities of known origin and quality.

Norgrow provides our clients with a fully supported supply chain management platform which allows each client to participate in physical trades in a highly efficient manner.

As an experienced provider of executive consulting services, Norgrow has developed a global network of high net worth individuals, corporations and government agencies who support our in house finance programs and unique funding strategies which allow our partners to trade through several efficient pathways.

Norgrow provides best quality products and services at economic prices by ensuring that our farmers are able to develop a long term working relationship with our customers, and our customers are supported throughout the process from order placement to settlement.

Please bookmark our site and visit us for news, product updates, project developments and more.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your enquiries and business.