Norgrow was born out of Africa. An extended family of pioneers turned to Southern Africa after serving in North Africa (most notably during the El Alamein offensive) under Lieutenant-General Montgomery during WWII. Our colonial family farms produced every type of cash crop and livestock that our lands would allow. The land flourished and so did our country and family. With entrepreneurial determination, we learned and experienced everything first hand, developing harvesting techniques for new crops, trading in diverse markets and creating financial models to suit our business demands.

During the 1980’s our family farming operations ceased, however our trading activities continued, grew and our business expanded into the global family run business that it is today, providing agricultural commodities, industrial products and financial services our clients need to thrive in competitive markets.

Norgrow is particularly well known for supply of organic and conventional niche commodities such as herbs and spices from commercial production units and other GMO free food ingredients.

Norgrow also supplies soya products all of which are free of genetically modified materials. These products are all manufactured by company operations in Brazil where GM soya is traditionally not grown in the main producing regions. Only beans from our own contract growers are used in the manufacture of our products so our goods are assured of being GM-free.

As a natural progression, Norgrow has been able to offer and supply commercial volumes of organic certified commodities required by many processors and packers in the global marketplace, and organic approved products including sea salt.

Quality Products

Norgrow quality means that you will receive the best materials available. Each product is strictly controlled throughout its life from planting and harvesting to delivery to your door.

Norgrow products are based on direct relationships between our team and our growers. Every process is carefully checked and tested on a regular basis to achieve consistently excellent quality. Where necessary, full audits of each process line are carried out by professional representatives. Specific testing regimes, such as DNA testing to assure the genetic status of our products is also carried out as part of our normal operating procedures.

Our companies employ a combination of quality systems to ensure the very best product is achieved year on year. We do not simply rely on final product testing but also on process controls, HACCP and quality assurance wherever each is best suited to the need. Our growers are supported by qualified representatives appropriate to their particular crops to ensure that Norgrow gives back not just cash for crops but also achieves better management of our environment.