Norgrow International Europe is an independent trading company whose aim is to provide ethically produced, socially acceptable, high quality commodities and services to our clients.


Collectively, Norgrow’s business units, partners and affiliates bring together the skills and expertise required to solve even the most complex physical trade demands.

Working in association with agricultural and industrial producers and suppliers across the world, Norgrow has achieved an enviable record for direct sourcing of a wide range of food ingredients, precious metals, diamonds and specialist services (to name a few), particularly where these are required to be strictly controlled to conform to specific parameters and quality standards.

Our relationships developed over long periods of time with our partners have allowed us to supply quality products to our clients and maintain continuity of supply even through poor harvests or in times of shortage.

Norgrow’s ability to call upon specialist “in house” expertise allows for unique and customer focussed commodity financing solutions.

Pricing Policy

Norgrow always offers competitively and supplies goods to customer requirements through private off-market spot and contract trades. Our key to this is the direct relationship we develop with each and every customer. All our personnel are multi-skilled and we look forward to trading with you respectfully.